Wine List


  • Piesporter Michelsberg Qualitätswein, Franz Reh & Sohn, Germany

    Floral, light and fruity with a medium character. (OFF-DRY)
    Wine has been made in Piesport since 371 AD, the Roman poet Ausonius described the steep hills surrounding the river bend at Piesport as a natural amphitheatre covered with vines.

    Bottle £18.95 | 175ml £4.75

  • Gavi Balbi Soprani, Italy

    Intense citrus zest, pear and plenty of minerality. (LIGHT)
    Whilst Gavi is best know as a still white wine, it can also be made as a sparkling wine.

    Bottle £26.95

  • Chablis Victor Berard, France

    Lightly smoky with floral aromas and delicate buttery notes. (LIGHT)
    The soil of Chablis contains a multitude of tiny fossilized oyster shells which are 180 million years old.

    Bottle £45.95


  • Canaletto Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, Italy

    Dry, crisp, aromatic and fresh with floral and citrus notes. (LIGHT)
    Pinot Grigio grapes aren’t green/white they’re anything between greyish blue and brownish pink.

    Bottle £19.95 | 175ml £5.10


  • TerraMater Sauvignon Blanc, Chile

    Crisp and vibrant with aromas of green apple, citrus, pear and passionfruit. (ZESTY)
    TerraMater are an environmetally considerate grower, with 400ha of their 600ha estate given over to wildlife as a nature reserve.

    Bottle £20.95 | 175ml £5.50

  • Nika Tiki Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand

    Zingy lime, lemon and tropical fruit characters, thoroughly refreshing. (ZESTY)
    Sauvignon Blanc is one of the parents of Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Bottle £25.95

  • Pouilly Fumé “La Renardiére”, Domaine Bouchié-Chatellier, France

    Elegant and complex with baked citrus and a herbal, mineral edge. (ZESTY)
    “La Renardiere” was named after a small wood where Foxes live (Renard).

    Bottle £44.95

  • Painted Wolf ‘The Den’ Chenin Blanc, South Africa

    Bright tropical guava, pineapple and honeydew melon with minerals and a hint of oak. (ZESTY)
    Painted wolves (African wild dogs) are South Africa’s most endangered carnivore. This winery
    donates a portion of their profits to support reserves and conservation projects.

    Bottle £29.95


  • Sileni Cellar Selection Chardonnay, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

    Citrus and nectarine with sweet oak and a soft creaminess. (RIPE)
    Sileni estate is named after the Greek God Silenus, who was the tutor of Dionysus God of Wine.

    Bottle £21.95 | 175ml £5.75

  • Complicated Chardonnay, Sonoma County, North America

    Peach, guava, zest, pineapple, stone fruits with French oak hints. (CONCENTRATED)
    Sonoma was the site of some of the very first Franciscan vineyard plantings back when California was independent from the US.

    Bottle £28.50

  • Michel Leon Gewurtztraminer, France

    Exotic notes of lychee and mango with a rich body and great length. (FLORAL)
    German translation of gewürz as ‘spiced’, in this context it simply means ‘perfumed’. The grapes
    have a pink colour, meaning the wines tend to be golden.

    Bottle £34.95

  • Rioja Santiago Rosé, Spain

    Cherry pink with strawberry aromas and flavours. Light, fruity and refreshing. (FRUITY)
    Bottle £19.50 | 175ml £5.00

  • Rosé D’Anjou La Jaglerie, France

    Crisp cherry and red berry fruit with a soft medium dry aftertaste. (LIGHT)
    Bottle £22.50

  • Burlesque White Zinfandel Rosé, North America

    Bright, packed with strawberry and a delicious jam character. (OFF-DRY)
    Bottle £20.50 | 175ml £5.25


  • Montevista Merlot, Chile

    Characters of cassis and spice with gentle tannins. (FRUITY)
    Wine has been made in Chile since the 1550’s.

    Bottle £20.50 | 175ml £5.25

  • Légende Médoc, Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite), France

    Complex red fruits mingled with sweet spices and liquorice. (OAKY)
    Made by the owners of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, one of the greatest wines from Brodeaux.

    Bottle £37.50

  • Alta Vista ‘Vive’ Classic Malbec, Argentina

    Vibrant and fresh with notes of plum, berry fruits, vanilla and hints of oak. (FRUITY)
    All grapes for Alta Vista wines are handpicked.

    Bottle £22.50 | 175ml £5.75

  • Côtes du Rhône, M. Chapoutier, France

    Juicy, powerful and fruity, with blackcurrant, raspberry and white pepper. (FRUITY)
    Chapoutier was the first wine producer to introduce braille on its labels, in 1994.

    Bottle £27.50

  • Alta Vista Estate Premium Malbec, Argentina

    Layers of black berry and plum with a rich body and hints of chocolate and toast. (RIPE)
    All of Alta Vista’s wines are made from grapes grown at over 3,280 feet, that’s almost as tall as Snowden.

    Bottle £27.95

  • Pinna Fidelis Roble, Ribera del Duero, Spain

    Juicy black fruits with toasty oak and liquorice hints. (SPICY)
    This wine is made from Tinta del Pais, also know as Tempranillo.

    Bottle £26.95

  • Knock Knock Shiraz, Magpie Estate, Barossa, Australia

    Deep colour, dense sweet blackberry, cherry, savoury notes and hints of black pepper, meat and oak. (SPICY)
    A nod to superstition to ‘knock knock’ on wood is a well known method of keeping your luck from going bad and a nod to the wooded, rich style of this Barossa Shiraz.

    Bottle £35.95

  • Vieux Château des Combes Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 2015, France

    Medium-bodied with dark plum, blackberry, black cherry, cedar, tobacco and chocolate hints. (FRUITY)
    St-Émilion was a wine region long before the Médoc on the left bank of the Gironde, making it the original Bordeaux.

    Bottle £36.95

  • Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG, Pasqua, Italy

    Densely textured with sweet, silky tannins and layers of cherry, red berries and dried fruits. (CONCENTRATED)
    Amarone is made from grapes which have been dried for between 3 and 6 months to concentrate the flavours.

    Bottle £57.95


  • Bodegas Caro Aruma Malbec, Domaines Barons de Rothschild, Argentina

    Concentrated and soft with ripe plum and floral notes. (CONCENTRATED)
    CARO is a collaboration between from CAtena (one of the best Malbec producers in Argentina) and ROthschild (Chateau Lafite)

    Bottle £30.95

  • Fleurie, Château du Chatelard, France

    The floral, elegant cru. Delicate tannins with red fruit, rose and spices. (FLORAL)
    Wine has been made at this estate since 12th century.

    Bottle £31.95

  • Michel Leon Vieilles Vignes Pinot Noir, France

    Bright and fresh with intense raspberry, red currant, cherry and velvet tannins. (FRUITY)
    Pinot Noir is the only red grape allowed in quality wine production in Alsace.

    Bottle £33.95

  • Barolo, Contea di Castiglione, Italy

    Strawberry, dried cherry and cinnamon spice with delicate floral and violet notes and firm tannins. (CONCENTRATED)
    Due to the association with what was Italy’s reigning dynasty, Barolo earned the name ‘the wine of kings, the king of wines’.

    Bottle £49.95


  • Three Pillars Shiraz, Australia

    Medium-bodied with fresh blackberry, floral aromas, vanilla and cedar oak. (FRUITY)
    Shiraz was taken to Australia by James Busby in 1830.

    Bottle £18.95

  • TerraMater Unusual Zinfandel, Chile

    Barrel aged with complex notes of fig, plum, blueberry, coffee, chocolate and spice. (CONCENTRATED)
    This is made from the oldest Zinfandel Vines in Chile.

    Bottle £55.95

  • Franschhoek Cellar ‘Stone Bridge’ Pinotage, South Africa

    Black cherry and raspberry with a savoury, oak finish. (FRUITY)
    Franschoek translates from Africaans as “French Corner” after the settlers who arrived from France.

    Bottle £20.95 | 175ml £5.50


  • Rioja Santiago Reserva , Spain

    Spicy clove and vanilla aromas with red and black fruits, full-bodied and velvety. (OAKY)
    Rioja is named after the Río (river) Oja, a tributary of the river Ebro.

    Bottle £25.00 | 175ml £6.50

  • Chateau Ksara, Reserve du Couvent, Lebanon

    Rich, bold and spicy with clove, vanilla, plum, blackcurrant and pepper. (SPICY)
    Château Ksara was founded in 1857 by Jesuit Priests and is Lebanon’s oldest winery.

    Bottle £33.95 

  • Gigondas, Victor Berard, France

    Potent dark fruits, liquorice and spices with mellow tanins. (SPICY)
    The name of the appellation is of Roman origin. Jocunditas means great pleasure and enjoyment in Latin.

    Bottle £35.50 

  • Châteauneuf du Pape, Clémentus, Boissy & Delaygue, France

    Full, rich and silky smooth with layers of red fruits, fruit cake and spicy bramble. (SPICY)
    Chateauneuf was the first quality wine area in France, the AOC was created in 1932.

    Bottle £54.95 

  • Domenico de Bertiol Prosecco Frizzante ‘Spagorosso’, Italy

    Lightly sparkling with floral with stonefruit and apple characters.
    Bottle £29.95 | 125ml £5.50

  • Federico Paternina Banda Azul Cava Brut, Spain

    Elegant with a little weight, toasty notes, clean citrus aromas and floral hints.
    Bottle £28.95 | 125ml £5.00

  • Federico Paternina Banda Azul Cava Rosé, Spain

    Fruity with notes of red fruits, bread and butter and a fresh citrus finish.
    Bottle £29.95 | 125ml £5.15

  • Marqués de la Concordia Reserva de la Familia Cava Brut, Spain

    Creamy and elegant with lemon, apricot and notes of toast.
    Bottle £34.95

  • Franschhoek Cellar Methode Cap Classique Brut Royale Chardonnay Pinot Noir, South Africa

    Gentle citrus and tropical fruit notes with mineral hints.
    Bottle £39.95

  • Classique Sauternes, Ginestet, France

    Rich honey and floral tones, citrus marmalade and apricot hints.
    Bottle £23.50 | 50ml £4.95

  • Graham’s 10 Year Old Tawny, Portugal

    Deep, rich tawny style with almond, hazelnut, raisin, caramel, honey and figs.
    50ml £4.50

  • Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage 2001, Portugal

    Complex, intense black fruits, rich tannin and a long finish.
    50ml £6.00