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Hereford Angus Cross

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The Market Menu

We want to bring our diners the best of rare and classically reared beef which have attracted the world’s best chefs. Our Market Menu features a limited and exclusive amount of rare, native and unique breeds of beef from some of the finest farmers in the UK. As we deal directly with the breeders themselves, we’re able to be highly critical of quality and consistency. We are now able to follow the full life cycle and wellbeing of our chosen breeds.

We want to make fine beef accessible to our diners at a reasonable price and we’re working hard to give you access to the very best of British.

We work closely with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) to source our farmers and beef which have previously included British Whites, Pedigree Ayrshire, Belted Galloway, Dexter and Longhorn.

To enhance the quality of the beef on our Market Menu further, we have invested in our own in-house dry ager, sourced from the award-winning manufacturer, Dry Ager. This allows us total control over the quality and finishing of the beef we source. Our Himalayan salt blocks allow us to add another level of enhancement in the in-house dry-aging process of our beef.

We’re thrilled to be able to source some of the finest beef the UK has to offer. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the high quality of meat produced from our chosen breeds and they will be an ongoing feature of Anderson’s through our Market Menu.

Because of the exclusivity and premium quality of the beef on our Market Menu, availability is very limited, with most of our offering selling out on the night. Keep up to date with our latest additions to the menu on our social media to ensure you don’t miss out.