Anthony Cox

Operations Director

Tony Cox Born January 1986 is a restaurateur with a flair for good business and better service!

He started his Career back in 2004 at the age of 18 for a 4 star luxury golf and leisure resort.

He then received a supervisory position after a short period at the main residents bar where he refined his expertise on managing a busy and successful bar whilst delivering a high standard of service throughout.

Looking to better his career Tony looked for a new challenge for an independent business operator in hopes to improve and educate himself on all areas of business to then go on to open his own restaurants.

He found his perfect fit at Andersons Bar and Grill in 2009, the restaurant had only just opened and realising he was going to have to start from scratch, Tony began as a bar man for the new venture.

Over the following years Tony proved himself over again, becoming bar manager within a matter of months, to restaurant Manager within two years. Tony has been such a valuable member of Andersons and has pushed so much for the business, the Directors, Dan and Nick, had given Tony the position of Operations Director in 2016 and is also a proud shareholder of the company.

It’s truly rare to find such dedication and a willingness to learn such as Tony has shown.