Rare Breed Pedigree Ayrshire Cull Cow Beef Now Available at Anderson’s

Rare Breed Pedigree Ayrshire Cull Cow Beef Now Available at Anderson’s

Anderson’s is immensely proud to be the first Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) corporate supporter restaurant to receive pedigree Ayrshire cull cow beef from the Duchy Home Farm. This delightful rare breed beef is now available at Anderson’s on our Market Menu.

On Thursday 10th August, our Chef Director Dan Anderson came together with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust’s (RBST) and our award winning butcher, Becks Butchers of Leamington Spa, for the cutting of the first pedigree Ayrshire cull cow carcass for Anderson’s Bar & Grill.

The native breed Ayrshire cow dates back to the 1870s, originating from South West Scotland. Primarily a dairy cow, the Ayrshire is a strong animal with a long lifespan and is a very effective grazer. Cull cows are those which have come to the end of their economic life in the dairy herd, and would normally have a low economic value. By finishing them for the restaurant, value and great flavours are added.

We have worked tirelessly over the last 12 months, and with the help of RBST, we have now been able to source native breeds direct from farm. This particular carcass has come from the Duchy Home Farm within the Duchy of Cornwall, travelling to the local abattoir in Gloucester, butchered in Becks Butchers in Leamington Spa and then onto its final destination here at Anderson’s. The distance from field to fork totals only 113 miles.

After a lot of hard work, networking and research, we’re thrilled to be able to source some of the finest native and rare breeds the UK has to offer. This is a fantastic way to celebrate the high quality of meat produced from the UK’s native breeds.

Tom Beeston, CEO of RBST said ‘It’s been a pleasure working with Dan adding value to native pedigree breeds and ensuring livestock diversity by helping increase demand’

The exclusivity of these breeds will be an ongoing feature of Andersons with our Market Menu, so watch this space!