On the Market Menu: Jersey Dairy Wagyu Beef

On the Market Menu: Jersey Dairy Wagyu Beef

Jersey Dairy Wagyu is the latest beef to go on our market menu – and it’s a pretty special one!

Currently finishing in our dry ager, it has been reared locally in Cornwall. It’s a unique beef that combines British Jersey dairy cattle spliced with the DNA of Japanese wagyu cattle – world renowned for its high quality and richness. Jersey Dairy Wagyu is considered a more ethical way to consume beef from the British dairy industry. Where male cows would either normally be culled as calves, sold off as veal or used for the pet food industry, they are reared for longer into a quality and exclusive beef. Jersey Dairy Wagyu breeding creates a new product for a high-end market in the UK that would otherwise be ignored.

The Jersey Dairy Wagyu cuts are now in the final stages of Himalayan salt dry ageing, and will have been aged for a total of 60 days so far. Because of the fat content, we’re able to age this beef for such a long period, giving it a richer finish with an emphasis on the marbling.

We’ve sampled it and it is truly unique in taste. It’s rich, buttery and creamy – almost as if you can taste the dairy in it. This is one you won’t want to miss!

It’s an exceptional beef which isn’t commercial and therefore has a limited run, so make sure you ask our knowledgeable staff to match your Jersey Dairy Wagyu steak with a beautiful red wine to make your dining experience even more enjoyable.

We’ll have a limited amount available this Father’s Day (Sunday 17th June) and it will be ready for full release on Monday 18th June. As with the popularity of all the beef on our Market Menu, these cuts won’t be available for long so please do come and sample it as soon as you can to avoid disappointment!

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