New rare breed Longhorn Beef at Anderson’s

New rare breed Longhorn Beef at Anderson’s

The latest rare breed beef to go on our Market Menu is already going down a storm! The rare breed Huntsham Court Farm longhorn beef has already sold out of a combined weight of 264oz which went on Anderson’s Market Menu on Thursday 12th October 2017 and sold out within just 45 minutes to our 60 diners. Cuts included 5 12oz sirloin steaks, 5 8oz fillet steaks, 2 30oz cote de beouf steaks, 2 40oz cote de beouf steaks and 1 24oz chateau briand steak. Several other cuts are still undergoing a process of further ageing and will be available soon, but are not guaranteed daily.

Chosen by Heston Blumenthal for his TV series ‘Perfection’ as the best beef available in Britain, this rare breed beef comes from the Huntsham herd of Longhorn cattle. The old-fashioned breed was developed 200 years ago and was the breed which made England famous for its fine roast beef. Longhorn beef is now a rare breed and has been largely forgotten, but the quality of its meat remains outstanding.

The popular longhorn beef was dry aged for 30 days by Huntsham Court Farm, giving it a fine-grained, well-marbled meat. It then made its journey to Birmingham where the now sold out cuts were put on the menu at this stage, and the remainder of the meat is currently undergoing a second stage of ageing at Anderson’s Bar and Grill. We are further ageing the beef in-house in our brand new dry ager using a Himalayan salt dry ageing method.

The Himalayan salt dry ageing method extracts all the moisture away from the meat, helping to mature and preserve it better. Beef is very well suited to long, gentle maturation, and using Himalayan salt further enhances the flavour of the beef, while giving it a more consistent flavour and being much cleaner. It also changes the nature of the fat, making it caramelise a lot quicker in the cooking process.

If you didn’t manage to get your teeth into the first round of our Huntsham longhorn beef, there is still time to try our Himalayan salt dry-aged cuts so keep a lookout for when they are next available on our Market Menu!