Native Red Poll Available Now at Anderson’s

Native Red Poll Available Now at Anderson’s

New to our Market Menu at Anderson’s Bar and Grill is some native Red Poll. This traditional British breed, rich and full in flavour, has been Himalayan salt dry-aged in-house here at Anderson’s. It’s available now on our Market Menu and is subject to availability.

Red Poll Cattle were a rare breed for many years but with the amazing work of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) and the Red Poll Cattle Society, the breeding stock was soon exceeded to 2000 in the UK, and it was then moved to the RBST’s Watch List.

The Red Poll is a dual-purpose breed of cattle developed in England in the latter half of the 19th century. It is a cross of the Norfolk Red beef cattle and Suffolk Dun dairy cattle breeds.

The Norfolk cow, which was a beef type, frequently blood red in colour and described in 1787 as “fattening as freely and finishing as highly at three years old as cattle in general do at four or five”, was crossed with the Suffolk polled bull, from an excellent dairy breed of predominantly dun coloured cattle (there is a reference in 1732 to the quality of butter found in Suffolk).

Traditional British breeds of cattle, like the Red Poll, thrive in non-intensive, low input, natural farming environments, with a simple grass diet. They are well-adapted to life in our lush green countryside and ideal for grazing land managed to conserve wildlife habitats and encourage biodiversity.

Meat from our native, grass-fed cattle typically has higher levels of polyunsaturated, omega-3 fats than the more intensively reared, grain fed continental breeds.

Red Poll beef is noted for its exceptional tenderness, good marbling, fine grain, succulent texture and rich, full flavour. According to the Red Poll Cattle Society, “it tastes like British beef used to”.

As with the popularity of all the beef on our Market Menu, our in-house dry aged Red Poll won’t be available for long so please do come and sample it as soon as you can to avoid disappointment!