Andersons ignites a new wave of restaurants and diners

Andersons ignites a new wave of restaurants and diners

For the past 18 months, supreme beef pioneers, Andersons Bar & Grill, have been pleasing diners with a unique service that has been engineered to a superior standard throughout its existence.

It’s common knowledge to know that we ‘the British’ grow some of the finest beef in the world. Many restaurants have failed miserably trying to exploit this in their quest to create the ultimate beef restaurant. This failure left the market demand virtually nonexistent.

This meant a mammoth challenge with huge risk was required by whoever accepted the mission. After 18 months of dedication, Andersons Bar & Grill can now confidently say ‘mission nearly accomplished’.

Our slogan ‘A breed of our own’ really tells you what we stand for and our position in the market. Not only have we created an unrivalled restaurant, but we’ve also created a market. This market is now wanted by restaurateurs’ all over the Midlands, with new imitations now opening.

This is now starting to become a massive trend in the Midlands that was crafted by Andersons Bar & Grill, just like your beef, accept no imitations.