Anderson’s Chef Director, Daniel Anderson, awarded Master CGC and joins the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance

Anderson’s Chef Director, Daniel Anderson, awarded Master CGC and joins the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance

Our Chef Director, Daniel Anderson, was recently awarded a Master CGC by the Craft Guild of Chefs and Daniel has also joined the Slow Food Chef’s Alliance.

Having over two decades in the restaurant and catering business, Daniel is passionate about his profession and, therefore, always looking for the next food trends and concepts to expand his knowledge and skills, as well as getting on board with schemes and initiatives that ensure a responsible approach to food, while never compromising on quality.

Master CGC by the Craft Guild of Chefs

Established in 1965 as a Guild of the Cookery and Food Association, the Craft Guild of Chefs has developed into the leading Chefs’ Association in the UK and has many members worldwide.

As an association representing the interest of chefs, the Craft Guild of Chefs aims to:

  • Increase standards of professional cooking through greater awareness, education and training
  • Develop careers and prospects of members
  • Help members develop and maintain their knowledge, skills and ability
  • Promote and participate in all levels of craft skills competitions in the UK and internationally
  • Work with industry, education and the media to win greater recognition for chefs and their profession
  • Endorse and promote the use of British and European produce, working with suppliers and manufacturers to create innovative menus and recipe ideas

Becoming a Master of the Academy, Daniel has achieved Gold status and, as an experienced Chef, is committed to the mentorship of other Academy members. This gives Daniel a chance to give something back to the next generation while utilising their skills through mentorship and training.

“I’m truly honoured to be accepted as a Master CGC. The creative and ethical parts of the catering industry are to be truly celebrated and given the recognition they deserve. In a difficult and often high-pressure environment, it is vital that knowledge and expertise is passed onto the younger generation. With the food and drink scene being as diverse and exciting as it has ever been, it is crucial that all forms of this are embraced and championed through the passing of knowledge to others. Live to eat…not eat to live.” Daniel Anderson.

Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance

Slow Food UK’s Chefs’ Alliance is a non-profit organisation made up of British based chefs seeking to promote a better way to eat, celebrating the rich food traditions of the different nations that make up the UK, and protecting our edible biodiversity. This is something we are not only mindful of but passionate about here at Anderson’s. Daniel is now a proud member of the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance and we are excited to further incorporate these ethics into the Anderson’s kitchen.

As part of the Chefs’ Alliance, Daniel will be working with the Ark of Taste programme; a collection of British foods which are in danger of being lost, such as unusual varieties of fruits and vegetables, rare breeds of animals, artisan cheeses and traditional recipes. By promoting these products and the traditions and knowledge that surrounds them, we hope that future generations will still be able to access their local culinary culture. Using seasonal Ark of Taste foods will help to raise awareness of and an appreciation for these traditionally British products.

“Restaurants and their chefs have an ethical obligation to explore the truly dedicated small producers, farmers and breeders whose tireless work goes into creating the very finest of produce through passion, obsession, blood, sweat and tears. Without this there would be no industry to begin with. This link is critical to have the ability to communicate through food and drink with our customers of what is truly out there.

The history of British produce and its relevance to us, as a whole, is truly inspiring and should not be forgotten or lost.” Daniel Anderson.