James Brain

Bar Manager

James has been with Andersons since 2014 and has developed into a true customer focused professional, with a great flair for the bar!

Born in August 1984, he started his career at the age of 17 in the hospitality business, working in one of the finest hotel, golf and conference complexes in the UK. Working under, and as part of a number of managerial hierarchies, he was able to combine these experiences and develop his own management style.

James came to Andersons with a vast knowledge of the Bar and drinks service. This allowed him to develop his management skills alongside Tony Cox, our operations director. Within a matter of months, with a passion for knowledge, James gained his promotion and has since become one of our most respected and well liked members of the management team.

His passion and love for travel has seen James experience of a range of cultures and customer services, allowing him to develop his own idea of what great hospitality and customer service is all about!!